Publications: Annual Reports and Newsletters


Twice a year the Vatican Observatory Foundation publishes a Newsletter to keep all our friends up to date on recent and upcoming events, current scientific research, educational projects and upgrading of the telescope along with highlights of our astronomical world.

Most Recent Edition:
2017 Spring Newsletter (1.4MB PDF)

Past Editions:
2016 Fall Newsletter (1.38MB)
2016 Spring Newsletter (1.2MB PDF)
2015 Fall Newsletter (1.3MB PDF) 
2015 Spring Newsletter (1.1MB PDF)
2014 Fall Newsletter (826KM PDF)
2014 Spring Newsletter (705 KB PDF)
2013 Fall Newsletter (3.72MB PDF)
2013 Spring Newsletter (3.15MB PDF)
2012 Fall Newsletter (5.01MB PDF)
2012 Spring Newsletter (9.86MB PDF)
2011 Fall Newsletter (7.19MB PDF)
2011 Spring Newsletter (9.64MB PDF)

Annual Report

For the past few years the Foundation has also produced an Annual Report listing current donors and the programs these generous funds support. 

Most Recent Edition:

2016 Annual Report (719 KB PDF)
2015 Annual Report (.855MB PDF)
2014 Annual Report (.910MB PDF)
2013 Annual Report (.788MB PDF)
2012 Annual Report (1.52MB PDF)
2011 Annual Report (1.13MB PDF)
2010 Annual Report (1.0MB PDF)

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The Vatican Observatory publishes a separate Annual Report.  These reports along with staff publications are available through their website: