The Vatican Observatory Foundation’s Faith and Astronomy Workshop

The Faith and Astronomy Workshop is a biennial event hosted by the Vatican Observatory Foundation. The workshop is designed for people who are interested in the dialog about science in Catholic parishes and schools. This includes priests and deacons, science teachers, and educators in CCD and RCIA programs.

Our hope is that the participants will not only experience astronomy in a Catholic setting, but also come away with materials and ideas to share in their lives and ministry when they return home.

The most recent FAW was held Jan. 14-18, 2019.


The 2019 FAW was my first – a good word to describe it would be “WOW!” The participants all seemed to enjoy themselves, and the off-site trips were very interesting. I dove into the world of Virtual Reality at this FAW, having purchased a VR headset a few days beforehand; I got to show several participants a fly-over of Saturn’s rings, and a fly-through the Milky way galaxy! I certainly came away from the workshop with a long TODO list – creation of this FAW Alumni website being one of them.

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Bob Trembley