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Where to Turn? Religion, science, and the direction of Mecca — 2 Comments

  1. Bifurcation is taking thought in two directions which may or may not be associated to each other in a modal fallacy of logic. Science vs. religion is the classic foolscap award position. All truth is one. There is. No division. That was the purpose of founding the Vatican Observatory to begin with to show how the two speak about the same things and grow deeper in truth. Putting one against the other is atrocious thinking and obviously not suited for what the VO was instituted for. Bicameral thinking With left side doing science and right doing religion is fine in mental asylums not for thinking believing men/women. What would be the verdict, for example, of sciences’ final word on the birth of Christ, his resurrection and ascension? So clarity can only be attained holding fast to dogma in conjunction with science not one over the other. I made this very clear in my online essay on Catholic Cosmography which only makes sense to a Catholic, not a Muslim, not an atheistic scientist, not even for a non Catholic Christian, I would suppose. There is unity in truth, not division. Math models are a dime a dozen today. Many conflicting voices are heard to those who listen in physics, planetary sciences, etc. so who is right? Wo has the final word? God! Catholics must necessarily always first and foremost adhere to our faith even when science tells us the impossibility of Jesus’s resurrection!

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