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What Was Your Experience Of Apollo 11? — 13 Comments

  1. My family was driving from Chicago to Disneyland while the astronauts were flying to the moon. Each night we’d race to our motel room to watch/listen to their progress on TV. At Disneyland we road “Mission to the Moon”and beat the astronauts to the moon. We watched the landing on the big tv screen in Tomorrowland at Disneyland. I just found out that a friend from college was also in the crowd.

  2. What a day to remember! In the morning, I was commissioned as an Ensign in the US Navy in Newport, Rhode Island. There was a small celebration that afternoon with my parents who had driven up from New Orleans for the commissioning ceremony and the wife and daughter who had put up with my mostly being absent during the months of training. But we really spent most of our time packing up. I was being transferred to Charleston, South Carolina, for my first shipboard tour, and the movers were arriving early the next morning.

    But late that evening, I set up the tripod and 35mm camera in the darkened living room and took photos of the television screen as we all watched the first lunar landing. The photos were grainy, made the poor resolution of the video worse and had the raster scan lines clearly visible. I turned them into digital files a couple of years ago, so I still have access to them. One of them shows President Nixon in an inset speaking via telephone to the astronauts on the surface of the moon.

    How apropos that as I was entering a new world of naval service that would last 25 years, involve many adventures and challenges and take me to 30 countries, mankind was first setting foot on another astronomical body.

  3. I have not been able to copy and paste, and I have not found a widget for upload of files. I’m good with following instructions, though. If you know how I can do it, I’ll be delighted to post.

  4. I was 7, and we were on our way to Colorado from St. Louis for a summer vacation. We stopped in Columbia Mo., went to a dormitory at the University, and watched the landing on a black and white tv with a bunch of college kids in the lobby.
    To a 7 yr old, NASA and space exploration were the natural/expected future! Of course I would study the sciences. I also remember later at school seeing models of rockets and a fantastic spaceship that would be the Shuttles!
    The in world to me, the US was The Good Guys. We would overcome.
    The 70’s kinda tempered that a bit.
    But 50 yrs later, I still remember that feeling, and remain inspired by those days!
    (Still think we’re ‘the good guys’)😉

    • What wonderful memories! I hear a lot of hope, optimism, and a positive sense of the future! How we need that so badly this day and age! Thank you for sharing your thoughts Ed!

      Did it change the way you saw the world we live in?

  5. The present use of Coordinated Universal Time(UTC) at the time of the Apollo 11 landing on July 20, 1969, at 20:17 UTC vs the Greenich Mean Time(GMT) indicates our present more universal view. At that time, I was in flight training as a Naval Flight Officer at NAS Pensacola, Fl (GMT 5). Vietnam had everyones attention. The thought of Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin using their skills in a peaceful scientifically oriented manner was refreshing in the context of our preparing to go to war. It was a time of great optimism despite the war. An engineer could do anything with a slide rule, pencil and paper as evidenced by the moon landing..

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