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We are Starstuff! — 5 Comments

  1. Didn’t Joni Mitchell get there before him? (Her song Woodstock –”we are star stuff, we are golden, and we have to get ourselves back to the garden…” – pretty awful theology, great music – dates from 1969.)

    Indeed, I doubt the phrase “star-stuff” was original with her. This would be a great research topic for Bill Higgins!

    (And a Google search corrects *me* — her phrase was “we are stardust”, not star-stuff! No one is likely to ever give me a Joni Mitchell medal, even if there is such a thing…)

    • Ah, ok! Well do let me know if there is an earlier reference to “we are starstuff.” We are stardust gets an honorary mention though, as it is pretty close to the same phrase. Was it really the same idea though or just nonsense? I must admit not to being a Joni Mitchell expert either…

  2. Great article! Pope Francis’ new encyclical would agree–we are more interconnected with creation than we could ever suspected. I highly recommend the new book, “Living with the Stars.” The authors are a married couple–she is a genetic pathologist and he is a stellar astrophysicist–Karel & Iris Schrijver. Great science must read for every priest, heck, for everyone!

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