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The Rise of Sasquatch — 2 Comments

  1. It is a very interesting post, Professor Graney. Thank you. Definitely, people are believers. I wonder if we may also say, or include in what that sentence implies, that people tend to believe that every catastrophic event that happens in the world is somehow related to their actions, especially the bad ones, no matter how irrational it can be.

    I am wondering this because your article reminds me an observation I made eight years ago, when I was living in Lima, Peru. In October of 2009, El Comercio newspaper on-line version presented a note on the poweful earthquake that destroyed most of Lima in 1746. The note also mentioned that after the event, people blamed their sins as the cause of the earthquake, and for that reason, religiosity and devotion increased for many years. This digital note was followed by a section for comments. There, I could read that many 21st-century commentators, “nones” I suppose, agreeded to consider the behaviour and religious respond of 18th-century peruvians as something ridiculous, irrational, proper of a faith-based “pre-scientific” thinking, fueled by a “manipulating Church”, ready to take advantage of every situation to gain adepts and power. In some way, I was expecting this kind of comments. However, some months later, after the big earthquake of Febrary 27th, 2010, in Chile, I observed that, on the comments that followed the many articles that were written about the event in the page, the same commentators that few months ago critized the behaviour and response of ancient inhabitants of Lima, now were agreeing to blame pollution and society’s careless actions for our planet as the main cause of these kind of “more frequent” earthquakes, no matter that, as far as I know, there is not much scientific evidence that the earthquakes are related, triggered or increased by human pollution, that is, by our “enviromental sins”. I guess, as you indicate, our current society is not as scientific as it believes.

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