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The Power Of Perspective. — 3 Comments

  1. What a wonderful article today! I love your analogy of using different filters when approaching the Gospels. A few years ago, my sister-in-law asked me whether I “really believed all that stuff” that the Catholic Church teaches. I was stumped for a minute in trying to come up with an answer more helpful than just “yes”. Being an amateur astronomer, I finally (and naturally) hit upon the idea of a lens. Looking at the world through the lens of Catholicism, I explained, everything jumps into focus and is intelligible to me. Without that lens, the world about me is just a jumbled, blurry mass of incoherent data. It refuses to resolve into a clear picture.

    But your idea of the filters adds so much to how we respond to Truth. It’s not that there is more than one truth, but that we see different facets of the same truth with varying filters.

    I can’t recall which novel it was in (I think it was Earthlight) where Arthur C. Clarke has his character get momentarily lost in a philosophical reverie after seeing an ultraviolet image of the Earth taken from the Moon. Which is the “real” appearance, he wonders – the ultraviolet image, or what he can see with his own 2 eyes? (Answer: Both!)

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