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The Popular Creation Story… — 2 Comments

  1. Congrats on the publication!
    Interesting! As were the follow up comments. A present day example of how dynamic science is?
    I don’t know if the commenters derision really was implied or I just read it that way, but a calm and well thought out response without any defensive sarcasm certainly leads to a more enlightening conversation! I have a better understanding of Parallax, Size and Brightness now.

    Another comment “the religion of the experimenter does not matter, only the science matters”, well, I guess with regards to the results, (and I’ve learned not to seek proof of God in Science). But the idea that Science is an end unto itself, still leaves me unsatisfied.
    sounds like Mallory’s “Why climb a mountain? Because it is there”. It sounds like a mix of bravado and contempt. But not really answering the question.
    Kudos again on the publication!

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