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Talking to Your Dog… or to E.T. — 5 Comments

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  3. I have listened to *countless* science fiction novels recently that have Artificial Intelligence as a significant plot device. Usually the AIs are evolved from human research and development, or remnants of some long-lost alien civilization. Attitudes of these AIs range from friendly (to the point of being annoying) to outright hostility. I wonder if this is something we’ll need to be concerned about?

    The probes humans are sending into space are (for the most part) considered to be robotic; many of these probes utilize AI in some form. If ET’s have sent probes to explore the galaxy, it’s reasonable to think those probes would be similar(ish). What might those look like? What would it be like talking to them?

    One of the best examples I’ve seen about the difficulties communicating with an ET is “The Nature of a Question” scene from the movie Arrival:

  4. I think Artificial Intelligence tends to be a lot more ‘Artificial’ than intelligent. You know that the infamous sentient HAL 9000 computer was supposed to have been built in the 1990s. That is always a thing that is some distance down the road. I’m sort of irked that I can’t talk to my 2019 laptop and tell it what I want it to do and have it do it. I have a 1999 Windows NT machine in my basement, and really the two are just not that much different.

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