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Stupid Astronomer Tricks #2: The anti-terrorist — 1 Comment

  1. For Readers who are not up on the way scientists talk about each other:

    Scientists break down loosely into two groups: “Theorists” and “Experimentalists”. These two groups are famous for making jokes about each other — especially the experimentalists making jokes about the theorists. The stereotype is that the theorist has his or her head in the clouds, living in some little private world, and can’t walk through a lab without breaking something or getting hurt, but somehow the theorist gets more respect for being “the idea person” than the person who is grubbing around in the lab.

    So the guy with the Neapolitan accent is talking about how much he can’t stand “THEORISTS”. But since he cannot pronounce the “Th” he says it “TEORIST” and there you go. 🙂

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