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Star Wars: On the Wrong Side of History & Science – Episode I! — 4 Comments

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  2. I’m old enough to have watched those old 1950s B-grade SF movies as they came out. There was so often a scene where one of the space explorers, having just landed on an unknown world, cracks his helmet open, sniffs, and says something like “Ah, air!”, and everyone proceeds to take their helmets off with no ill effects.

    Ditto for the original Star Trek series. Kirk and Spock are beamed down to one alien planet after another, yet never seems to choke and die from un unbreathable atmosphere.

    In fact, in never seems to have occurred to generations of SF writers what an improbable match our Earth’s atmosphere is for us who have to breathe it. Impossible to imagine that this very same gaseous mix would be common to millions of worlds within the Milky Way – yet that is the very universe they imagined in book after book, and movie after movie.

    (And cards on the table: it never occurred to me back then either.)

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