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Smart Phones from Eels — 1 Comment

  1. I often carry around something smaller than a smart phone that would not be possible without the work all four gentlemen: my car’s key fob. It contains a small coin-sized battery, which powers the signal it emits that my car detects, within a certain distance, and lets me unlock it without having to fumble with a key. Unfortunately, I read thieves have learned to use these same scientific advances to beam signals that greatly extend the range of such key fobs, allowing them to unlock your car and drive off with it while you sleep or go shopping (called a “key fob relay attack”). Thankfully, once again with Mr. Faraday’s help, you can keep your key fob in something that blocks their signal. I just bought one on Amazon. Of course, now I have to fumble with this small, wallet-sized “Faraday cage,” which requires unsealing a velcro flap to retrieve my key fob so my car can once again detect its signal and unlock for me. Which probably takes more time than had my car simply used a key. (I hope these gentlemen are praying for us.)

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