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Seeing Too Many Enemies of Science in a Faith-Full World — 1 Comment

  1. Precisely on target, as one would expect from a faith-full scientist. I like to consider myself one of those as well. They are not incompatible. In fact, they have a magnetism that draws them towards each other. Here are some of the questions I have for the polarized who insist on belonging to the one camp and throwing stones at the other.

    – For scientists:
    — Why are the laws of physics? The questions is correctly stated just like that. Why are they not OTHER laws? Why is Plank’s Constant that particular number? Why is pi? What was there before the Big Bang and what is the universe expanding into (nothing does not compute)? What makes you think that this magnificent order “just is” rather than being something else? Where is the problem with thanking God for it all and getting on with discovering more about His wisdom?

    – For creationists:
    — If we agree that God created the entire universe, why would His “day” be constrained by the earth’s rotation about his particular star? I agree that God created it all, but His day is not defined by human experience (I believe it works the other way around, agreed?). A six-day creation of all that we know is just fine, only we have to use God’s clock, not ours. Evolution is simply another bit of evidence of God’s wisdom. Who are we to limit that wisdom, to say that earlier forms of life were not part of God’s plan, or even that ALL forms of life possess souls? Is there a limit on the number of souls that God has available or a prohibition on non-humans having their own version of a soul? Does that not man that our souls have evolved like our human form? And do we not progress to a higher state, hopefully closer to that of God and His Angels? Our human progress and state of civilizations are all dependent on those laws of physics mentioned above, so why do you see science as the enemy of faith?

    I suggest both communities read Francis S. Collins wonderful book on genetics, “The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief.”

    As he said, we are merely earthen vessels into which holy water has been poured.

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