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Sacred Art: Enjoying The Splendor Of Creation Through The Eyes Of Hubble. — 4 Comments

  1. Umm.. catalog objects, not objections.

    I am perpetually amazed by the many beautiful DSOs that are not in the Messier catalog, such as the Rosette Nebula, the double cluster, or NGC 2362. Yet he somehow found space for something as pathetic as M73!

  2. Although like everyone else, I love looking at Hubble images, they can often be a stumbling block to young people thinking about getting into amateur astronomy. They all too often expect to see such vistas in the eyepiece, and walk away crushed when they realize the human eye can see no such thing. Most galaxies are (at best) indistinct gray smudges, which may need averted vision to see at all. And nearly every nebula is altogether invisible outside of photographic images.

    My local club, the Howard Astronomical League, conducts numerous public outreach events during the year, andI always caution people who have never looked through a telescope to not expect the brilliant colors and fantastic detail of Hubble imagery before I let them take a look at things like the Andromeda Galaxy or the Lagoon Nebula.

    On the other hand, open clusters never fail to please!

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