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Religious Scientists: Fr. Angelo Secchi S.J. (1818-1878), Pioneer of Astrophysics — 2 Comments

  1. The Stanford Environmental Engineering Curriculum introduced me to the Secchi disc 45 years ago. I had the opportunity to write a paper on its visual water depth variation as a function of the sun’s height in the sky. No one mentioned Fr. Angelo Secchi S.J. as the inventor. I should have looked.
    Does the Pontifical Navy still exist? As old US Navy salt, I would like to join.

  2. Alas, the Pontifical Navy is no more. It was a feature of the old Papal States, before Italian unification. Today the Vatican is entirely land-locked. The last vessel of the Pontifical Navy (which was, in fact, the Immacolata Concezione) was sold ca. 1877 or 78.

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