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Politics, Economics, And The Dignity We Need: A Pastor’s Take On Pope Francis’ New Encyclical (Part Three) — 3 Comments

  1. Learning is another form of prayer. This posting had me praying from beginning to end. Clearly a work of art. No wonder you’ve been asked to become a dean. My favourite part was the way you tied all this into Faith and Science …. masterful.
    I will likely quote you as I have been trying to share our FAW experience with our community.
    Here is the part I’d like to share at some point if it’s ok with you.
    “ Through faith, we confront our biases by grounding our lives in Scripture, Tradition, and the lived reality of a communal faith. The scientific community confronts biases by exploring common data, engaging in the process of examining, reexamine, and examining again and again as a community to achieve a deeper understanding of our world. Are both faith and science pristine explorations that are devoid of prejudice, professional jealousies, clashing world views, and personal motivations that may be contrary to the end goal? Absolutely not! Faith and Science are pursued by humans, meaning the good, the bad, and the ugly of humanity can and will seep into both. At the same time, is it ultimately trust that these communities are committed to something beyond themselves that help people transcend their brokenness to achieve a deeper sense of truth? Absolutely!“

    Praying also that you and yours avoid C19 in Wisconsin and praying for peace and goodwill throughout the USA tomorrow.
    God bless and thank you for sharing your insights and those of the Bishop and the Pope. So helpful!
    Franca and Dom from Toronto

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