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One Comment by St. Albert the Great becomes a whole Blog Post — 2 Comments

  1. That is Great!
    While there appears to be some “inherited” knowledge in instinct, we all start from a blank page (at least I was pretty blank to start with!)when it comes to learning most of humans ever increasing knowledge library.
    That is a great piece of reasoning, both in the 1200’s by Albert and yours, in trying to show how and what Albert was thinking, to present day minds. Shows a “forgotten knowledge and reasoning” which was so critical to get where we are now, but has become assumed knowledge. Kind of like the algebra that I am helping my daughter with. I learned it 40 years ago. I don’t remember learning it, but it’s coming back to me. How the principles were derived, are a bit lost unless I do some research, but I can use the tools to solve the problems. SO I can apply it, but I cannot advance the theory or add to it. That’s where understanding the past reasoning is so important.
    The Universe is “probably” not spinning(but expanding!), the Earth is rotating, but my head is definitely spinning!Thank you! (I think)

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