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Navigating the Fourth Day of Creation by means of Jupiter’s Moons — 2 Comments

  1. Christopher,
    It is interesting to note the coordinate change between
    Tycho Brahe Observatory (Ven)
    55.9082° N, 12.6956° E
    Paris, France
    48.8566° N, 2.3522° E
    Therefore the longitude change is 12.6956° – 2.3522° = 10.3434°
    Given that 15° (360°/24) of longitude is 1 hour
    then Tycho Brahe Observatory
    Paris, France are 10.3434°/15.0000°= .6896 hours or 41.37 minutes apart.
    This is not an extremely large number but was obviously considered important for
    transferring Tyco Brahe’s data to Paris.

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