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Musings From a 7th Grade Biology Class — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Constance, for the look back about 60 years to my grade school days. One of the few things that I can remember from way back then was that same discussion about God creating the Earth in seven days. The Nun teaching us that day (I wish I could remember her name) had this explanation, “We don’t know how long a day is in God’s time”. But that explanation has served me well over the years in a world that on one side tries to get rid of God and the other side that tries to put limits on God. If both sides could meet in the middle, the Amens and the Hallelujahs would be deafening as they rise to the heavens.
    Thanks again

  2. Well Done!
    I have never taught a science class, but from what I remember of being a student in the 70’s and 80’s(a subtle “scoffing at religion”?), it appears that teaching has become even more of a balancing act. Have we circled around to the 1920’s Scopes trial (Fundamentalist)way of thinking, or has it just become more public because of all the available media?
    I’m not sure which would be harder to teach Science to!
    No matter, you’re doing an incredibly important job of showing young growing minds a balanced (in my opinion) view of Science and Religion. One that does not advocate discord. It will serve them well as they meet the challenges of High School and College.

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