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The Long Story of Dark Energy Gets Longer — 2 Comments

  1. It is hoped that the WFIRST promoters are more enlightened than those promoting the Waxahachie Texas SuperConductor Super Collider to the US Congress in the early 1990’s. When asked by the Congressional funding committee: What is the project goal?, the promoters response was: The Higgs particle. These committee members had a religious fundamentalist view and could not digest Higgs within their world view. SCSC was terminated. Perhaps Genesis could have been quoted “Let there be light”. The SCSC was to further define what that light is. So CERN LHC picked up the project and the US scientific community could have been better served. This month’s Physics Today has an article on how religion and science should not be at odds but work together in discovering truth as they have historically done(Newton etc). Some SCSC tunnel remnants remain in north Texas.

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