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In the Sky This Week – September 18, 2018 — 3 Comments

  1. Bob, I work at the European Southern Observatory and I can say that we are starting to receive observing proposals for follow-up and confirmation of TESS exoplanet candidates. Nothing that I can disclose now, other than saying that TESS is living up to expectations and that exciting announcements will be coming soon!

    • I was manning the Warren Astronomical Society table at last weekend’s “Astronomy at the Beach” event in Michigan; I had a graphic showing: TESS, Parker Solar Probe, Mars InSight, and OSIRIS-REx – of the hundreds of people I spoke with, only a small handful of passers-by had heard of any of the missions. I think only a single woman had heard the word “Exoplanet” – everyone’s eyes got wide when I explained that the Kepler/K2 Mission confirmed over 3700 planets orbiting other stars, and over 4000 more are awaiting confirmation… and TESS was going to find a BOATLOAD more!

  2. Thank you!
    My family and I will look “inward” toward the center of our Galaxy tonight!
    I’m not sure why but there is something very calming/satisfying in knowing your physical orientation in the Milky Way!
    I’ll have to observe the “Terminator” too!

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