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Five Reasons Why Clickbait Works — 1 Comment

  1. Chris G. of Louisville, KY, writes in to ask: “Hi Guy – I read your “clickbait” post, and I have a question: Are you sure you had 300 e-mail subscribers at this time last year? Because I have been watching that number and, maybe I am going senile, but I could swear that when I began blogging in February the “Join NNN other subscribers” number was about 180, and now it is over 400. I was thinking the number was growing nicely.”

    To which I reply: the numbers I quote in this post, like the classics “after school television specials” are all “inspired by real events.” Which is to say, I made them all up. The only actual data I have is from a previous “meta” post,, which mentions 225 subscribers as of February 20, 2016… So I suspect your memory on this point is better than mine.

    In any event, thanks to everyone who has subscribed since this posting went up!

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