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Fantasy and Reality: Vacation Journal Part Three — 2 Comments

  1. Imagine a tailor, who has somehow learned his craft at 10 years of age. He decides to make a suit for himself, but he tailors it to fit a grown man, and not a small boy.

    That is what fantasy does for us. It prepares a space for us to occupy which we cannot yet fill. We must grow into it.

    • Very nice reflection Bob! And I apologize for not sharing earlier that it was a joy meeting you in Baltimore!

      Your reflection reminds me of the tension between the person we are and the person we are to become. In the center of that tension is the creative dreaming of who we wish to be. The key is to create an image that is true to our essence, but not limited to our current limitations and state of life. On the flip side, our dreams need to be tempered by a reality that is attainable at some level. For example, as much as I would love to play basketball in the NBA at 44, it isn’t going to happen! To become a saint, however, is also unattainable on my own strength, but well within my ability through God’s grace. Good food for thought!

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