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Faith and Science in the Classroom: Class Seven – ET Evangeliation? Sacraments in Space! — 4 Comments

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  3. Great post, Father James 🙂 And thanks for sharing your Faith and Science in the Classroom journey with us–I have been following it closely. I have a particular interest in the question of how the discovery of “life” ( and recognizing that is a broad term ) elsewhere will impact faith, religion and religious dogma. I suspect that the discovery of an intelligent civilization, more so than the discovery of microbial life on some distant planet, will be far more dramatic to the general public and people of faith. For the past 2 years, I have been blogging about this very topic, trying to engage people of faith ( all faiths- not just Christian or Catholic ) in the conversation to discuss this and how to prepare for it. ( In the intro, I have asked readers to respond to some questions, some of them similar to the ones you outline. Although I’ve only had a small number of responses, I noticed that the general comments show an openness to accepting the concept of ET and a willingness to expand the person’s understanding of God and the Universe to accommodate that. And this seems to be more prevalent among Catholics —Perhaps I am biased but I believe that the work of the VO and clergy and communicators like you and Brother Guy are contributing to this 🙂

    I read this quote somewhere and I believe it was one of the Popes ( and I can’t recall which one ) who said ” Who are we to limit God’s creation?”

    Thanks again for sharing your reflections and I would love to talk to you further ( “real time”) about your work in this area and have emailed you offline to see how to make that happen 🙂


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