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Dispelling The Myth: Sketches For My First Presentation In Davenport, Iowa — 2 Comments

  1. Asking middle school students at a public school to write a paper on the question, “Why does Christianity reject evolution?” is to my mind asking them to consider why they should devalue science. It does damage to science. Fr. J’s perspective here expresses concern for people of faith — that this sort of thing is insulting to Christians, for example. My perspective is that science is also subject to harm here, perhaps even more so than faith.

    To many, many, many people, their faith (and the family and friends relationships that are intertwined through their faith) is far more important to them than what they might learn in a science class. I doubt this teacher was trying to train his or her students to devalue science, but a devaluing of science is a likely result. Those students whose faiths do reject evolution will simply learn that people important to them reject evolution, and so they should, too.

    Moreover, they will learn that their people can be the subject of much derision thanks to science. Worse yet, other students will take to heart such messages of derision, and deride their fellow students. Thus we introduce the students in a personal way to science as a source of social conflict. That damages science.

    Damage to science results in rejection of science, measles outbreaks, and the like.

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