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Counting Exercise — 1 Comment

  1. Astrophysics continues to look for heretofore-unknown physical processes to explain the physically present dark energy and dark matter. All potential correlations must be investigated. In this vein, Institute of Astronomy, KU Leuven has modeled asteroseismic star gravity-mode oscillations attributed to a star’s core buoyancy effect. These oscillation periods are on the order of .3 days. By separate dimensional analysis, the universe mass breathes or oscillates in a Machian sense with a period of .342 days. This universal mass oscillation is of extremely low power, so how could it gravitationally govern the extremely powerful star massive core dynamics. Could it be like Nikola Tesla envisioned: a weak oscillator could with persistence – cause seismic earthquakes. It is noted that Tesla’s idea has never been proven, but surely the concept is valid considering the universe persistence is over billions of years over billions of contained stars.
    If these correlations are true, then the universal .342 days would establish an extremely cold temperature ~10^-16 K = Planck’s constant/(.342*Boltzmann constant) that would characterize dark energy as a background milieu for thermally undetectable baryonic dark matter that in combination would physically account for ~95 percent of the universe. This extremely low temperature (~10^-16 K) is quantum mechanically distinct from the universally ubiquitous Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation temperature at 2.7 K.

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