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You Are The Bridge: Exploring “the Gap” Between Faith and Science — 3 Comments

  1. Hello Father James. As one of the very fortunate and honoured to be there participants of the 2017 FAW, I was especially happy to read your very insightful post. The “you are the bridge” theme was one of the more powerful messages that I came away with–in fact, I think that it summed up the outcome of the retreat and workshop most effectively.

    Like most participants, I suspect, I am still percolating, processing and pondering all that I learned and experienced during the course of the week, and perhaps most importantly, the joy of meeting and interacting with the other participants. What we learned and what we can take forward and share with others while “being the bridge” is not as simple and tidy as a power point presentation ( although that will certainly be an important tool ) or a handout with all the “answers” . As you say, it is relational and it is about human relationships. We will build that bridge during a slow and iterative process of every day conversations. It can be as simple as having a conversation with a colleague, friend or family matter, who asks about the FAW workshop and what it was all about .( I have had plenty of those conversations since I got back, as I’m sure others have had. Each one is bridge building opportunity ) It can be as simple and rewarding as hearing someone say ” I didn’t know there was a Vatican Observatory ” or ” I didn’t know that the Church did science..” That is how it starts…

    For me, one of the more meaningful takeaways was the opportunity to see, meet and converse with the men of science who are also clergy and men of God. This is truly “walking the walk” and it was enlightening and fun to see and hear then in both capacities. Again, I feel so honoured to have had this opportunity,

    I look forward to hearing from fellow participants as to how they will continue this bridge building journey. As for me–I am still sorting that out but I am committed to start the building –even if it is in those simple day to day conversations.

    A special thanks for including the video of Brother Guy and Father Chris discussing the impact of the discovery of life elsewhere ( whatever that life may be ) on faith. As you may or may not recall from our conversations, this topic is my specific passion and the nature of my own blog and website, so this was a real gift. And it was made all the more special by the fact that it was filmed in a setting where I had also sat for outdoor mass. I will never forget that beautiful Arizona sunset— a real treat for this gal from Northern Ontario:)

    Clear skies and God Bless.

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