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Astronomers who Observe Visually and Draw What They See are cool—and valuable to the History of Astronomy! — 2 Comments

  1. It was very observant of you to notice this brightness on the lunar limb in my pencil drawing. It is there because it is what I see,it is subtle perhaps because it is a pencil sketch, and it is a small sketch. Here in a larger pencil sketch the limb glow is more apparent,+2009

    In my full phase pastel lunar sketches that line is more obvious. It is the line I begin all my full phase sketches with , it is not just the outline it is part of the observation. I do not obliterate it compleatly when drawing it the rest of the phase. When you mentioned it to me a while ago I really didn’t get what you meant at the time, however after reading your article I know recognise it as being part of my moon drawing habit because it is exactly what I see.

    What is going on to manifest this limb glow is not clear to me. This limb glow is very obvious in my Venus Occulation sketch featured in your post. That event was a daytime / early evening observation , not actually dark but it was still visible to me. Perhaps some lunar dust (highland dust) is being lit up by sunlight and glows because it is maybe bright dust as opposed to dark regolith dust ?

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