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Asteroid Mining: No Longer a Thing of Science Fiction — 3 Comments

  1. Very interesting news Bob. I wonder how much progress we have made in dealing with these aspects of the ownership of new lands, since the time of the Alexandrine Bulls. Probably not much. Working in the mining sector, I have faced the problem of arriving to some remote communities in Peru and Mexico, asking for permission to explore, telling them I have the mining concesión or claim rights in order, given by the national goverment. The commun reply is “Who is that goverment (why the goverment thinks it has the power) to give you such concesiion over our land?” I consider this a very logical reply, specially because of the lack of presence of the State or goverment in those remote regions. Yes, then I feel like I am being seen as a spanish conqueror of the begining of the 16th Century, thinking I am right just because I have my papers and concessions in order, asserted by some remote power. Fortunately, I do not work in those kind of remote regions right now, but I know somebody is facing the same at this moment, and I see we have made little progress on this. I hope these kind of news can stimulate the start of serious international talks on the subject of space mining and ownership, by politicians and true experts in several related topics, before we face the scenarios you mention,

    • The cosmos cares not about human legal concepts.

      If enough people gather in one place: the Moon, Mars… or “the Belt” they will naturally want to govern over themselves. From an Science Fiction standpoint, “The Expanse Series,” which I JUST finished, covers this situation pretty well.

      Interesting times…

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