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Apathy and Ethos: Exploring Creative Ways To Promote Care For Creation. — 3 Comments

  1. Fr. J says: “I wonder if there is something almost intuitive that questions this language since it seems to be so out of step with daily experience (at least in the state of Wisconsin where fellow blogger Christopher Graney rightly points out the local numbers don’t support global warming for the Badger State).”

    The post to which Fr. J is referring here is this:
    “Climate in Kurzynski Country”

    Read that post, O Readers of The Catholic Astronomer, before reaching any conclusions about the Badger State and climate. As Fr. J says, stuff regarding climate science tends to lead to “a plethora of dueling political, theological, scientific, and personal ideologies”. The fact is, as the saying goes, “it’s complicated”. Read carefully, and see what you think.

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