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An Airplane and the Vatican Observatory — 2 Comments

  1. Well, this ate up a good 45 minutes this morning. By coincidence, also in my morning email (in addition to one from the VOF with this post) was a weekly newsletter from a hobby company I subscribe to. And in that, sure enough, was pictured a model kit of the very plane — an Italian model kit, no less (by Italeri). This is a CL-415 aircraft, manufactured in Canada originally by Canadair (now Viking Air). Italy has 16 in service, 14 for domestic use, 2 for use elsewhere in Europe. I found that on a Wikimedia Italia page about it.

    Here’s the original, in Italian:
    and here is the same page translated into English by Google Translate:

    Should anyone be interested in obtaining the model kit, just Google “Canadair CL415 Firefighting Amphibious Aircraft 1/72 Italeri.” If you want the Italian decals, make sure to get the kit made by Italeri. Perhaps the Vatican Observatory could sell it in the gift shop? 😉

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