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Amid Creation’s Groaning, There is Hope: Exploring The Intimate Connection Between God And Creation During Advent. — 2 Comments

  1. “Living in a region that has well defined seasons…” As someone who grew up in Michigan but now spends much of the year in Tucson (and who in the past has celebrated Christmas on the equator, and also in Antarctica!) this is both a poignant and interesting challenge. How do cultures from these areas understand the “cosmic liturgy” that, for obvious reasons, is “borealically privileged” so to speak?

    Hearing Christmas carols about snow during December in Nairobi, one of the hotter months of the year there (because of the eccentricity of Earth’s orbit, not the planet’s tilt) was always disorienting. Of course, hearing those same carols as Musak in April was even more bizarre, but that’s another story…

    • Great point, Br. Guy. I intentionally qualified this part of the reflection for precisely that reason. Part of me wonders if this is why many practices associated with the Cosmic Liturgy fell by the wayside? They may speak well to certain parts of the world, but fail to have a universal reach in other areas, like the ones you mention. I have often wondered if it would be fruitful to revisit the vision of the Cosmic Liturgy in light of modern science and our broader cultural worldview? As a pastor who is well beyond the “schooling” phase of his vocation, I can poke at this in reflections like this post, but a deeper investigation would need to come from elsewhere… perhaps a Theology student who has stumbled upon this blog?

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