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Across the Universe: Ice dreams — 1 Comment

  1. I am old enough to remember Mariner 2 sailing past Venus and us learning that the surface of that planet was hot enough to melt lead. Gone forever my childhood dreams of dinosaur haunted Venusian swamps (not to mention Amtorian princesses). Not long after, Mariner 4 similarly demolished my Lowellian fantasies of Martian canals and million year old civilizations (and once again, gone were my visions of Barsoomian princesses). Then it was the turn of Pioneer 10, sweeping away Robert Heinlein’s stories of a colonized Jovian moon system (Farmer in the Sky, et al.) with its discovery of lethal radiation belts surrounding that planet. At least there were no Jovian princesses to be discarded this time around. But it was nevertheless another chapter in a decades long tale of “Science ruins everything!”

    But not so with Rosetta’s revelations at Comet 67P! At long last, a world whose reality exceeded our wildest imagination. I cannot thank the people behind that amazing mission enough for bringing a sense of wonder back into planetary exploration.

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