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Across the Universe: Easter, and the Science of Hope — 4 Comments

  1. I have a nagging question you just touched on, that I don’t realy know how to research.
    Stars are so far away that they appear as points of light to us.
    If an object was “launched” from a star (system?) on a guided course to earth, at some point in the objects journey, would it’s cross section,perpediculer to the stars light, interfere with that light?
    You know what I’m getting at, but as long as we already have earthquakes and plagues, why not add an extraterrestrial visit (invasion?).

    • We have seen intersteller interlopers — two comet-like objects that have orbits indicating that they are not gravitationally bound to our sun but have come in from outside our solar system. However, we see them by their reflected light, not from them blocking out the light of a distant star. Occultations like that by asteroids in our own solar system do occur, but are rare, and we can see them mostly because we know the orbits of the asteroids well enough that we can detect them. The odds of a chance seeing of an occultation by something from outside our solar system are very low.

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