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Across the Universe: Science as Story — 2 Comments

  1. With this mention of the “logical positivists” and Shakespeare I remembered the videos I saw from the last lecture series “Life in the Universe”, held at the University of Arizona. There, in one or two lectures, it was mentioned or shown the importance of technology within the exponential growth in the human intelligence evolution, or so I understood. With the graphs presented, I noticed that it was only taken into account the technology and science to indicate this amazing exponential growth, but not other aspects of human development, like arts, for example. So I am wondering if we can say that we have grown exponentially also in poetry and dramatic arts from the time of Shakespeare until today. And what about music and the storytelling art? I imagine that that may be so, probably in the sense that we are more opened to value the art expressions from other cultures, but I am not sure. How can we still think in that exponential growth driven just or mainly by technology without falling in some kind of that logical positivism?

  2. Wonderful comment. Yes, we only seem to be able to quantify that which is quantifiable, which is rarely that which is most important!

    I was also taken, in that video, in how short a time before we came to our most recent “plateau” and how reasonable it seemed that there could well be a stage of “life” behind where we are; perhaps that’s why we can’t recognize life elsewhere, yet. And yet, here we are.

    The series of videos we’re talking about can be reached here:

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