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Across the Universe: Limits to Understanding — 2 Comments

  1. Great post! As I read, I am reminded of a time before seminary when I became enchanted with Intelligent Design under the rubric of, “this is the ‘science’ that includes God.” After some reading, study, and intellectual blushing, I realized it wasn’t science, but a deistic, philosophical construct with a Christian apologetic twist. Further, I blushed even more when I understood the God of the gaps issue and how ID uses what is presumed to be unexplainable parts of nature as proof for God (side note – yes I blush easy).

    This leads my second thought that is a question, “Why did I give up on evolution so easily?” I think part of it was maturity – what college student doesn’t have a moment when they think they know better than their teacher… One book that refutes everything their teacher just taught them is gold to the disgruntled. Second, I felt my faith was pushed out of the narrative in the way evolution was taught to me – you Christians in the room who believe God created everything, I’m going to teach how things really came to be. My interior response – gentlemen, start your engines!!! In short, my early rejection of evolution had nothing to do with the Bible or science, but was more of a reaction to the egotism that can happen in both realms – we have all the answers and if you disagree with us you’re dumb as a bag of hammers! Okay, maybe that was a little to strong. The point being, humility does need to drive the discussion – not the cable news shouting match.

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