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Across the Universe: Desert or a dessert? — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing this article! The power of metaphor is helpful, but also can create some stumbling blocks. In the spirit of metaphor, I read and hear of hopes of finding simple life under the ices of moons like Europa. When I think of “water life,” I have a very clear image in my mind. In light of your article, I would presume that what scientists hope to find and what I imagine are two very different things. Are there metaphors or clarifications that would help the non-scientist understand what is hoped to be found when such statements are made about life exploration? (I posted a similar question in the FORUM section, but after reading your article, I thought this might be a better place to ask the question.)

  2. Thanks for the great comment! I am now wracking my brains for examples of “metaphors that went wrong”… I am sure I will come up with one soon, but nothing hits me at the moment.

    As for the bigger question of “what is life”, I am giving a talk on that very topic in three weeks, right after the FAW.

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