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A Word About Our Sponsor: The Templeton Foundation, Word on Fire Ministries, and Exciting New Programs on Faith and Science! — 4 Comments

  1. Interesting news; congratulations are indeed in order.

    I do look forward to seeing what comes of this undertaking, and welcome the effort to diminish any sense that science and faith are intrinsically opposed. To that end, I do hope that developing scientific literacy among clergy, catechists, and others who serve in the church will be a focus of this programming. If the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed anything it is the abysmal lack of understanding in this country as to how science works!

    Part of developing that literacy, I think, is seeing in the insights from the sciences theological data that we need to take into serious consideration as we ponder the faith – not “nuggets” that we can mine (much like taking scripture passages out of context — prooftexting) to make a theological or apologetic point. I hope that we are open to being challenged by what can be learned from the sciences, and not simply remaining content with a priori theological formulations.

    I also hope that this endeavor results in a true and mutually-enriching dialogue between science and religion; and, especially for those whose primary realms are theology and ministry, a much better understanding and appreciation of what science is (and isn’t).

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