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1959’s “Christmas on the Moon” Revisited: How’s the Science? — 1 Comment

  1. That’s a sweet telescope the kids get for Christmas. Note the wood box, complete with felt cushions to hold it in place. On the other hand, is that 10″ Newtonian Telescope (looks like a Cave brand) the moon observatory telescope that is to be used to study the comet? That doesn’t seem like much of an instrument. That telescope aside, the show’s creators do seem to have spent some time on trying to get a lot of the science right. I like the mention that whatever drives a comet’s tail away from the sun could be used to drive a space ship, the meteors on earth and the moon, the angle of the meteors. The huge chunk of very fake-looking ice is a bit much. That was an enjoyable if somewhat cheesy show — thanks for pointing it out. I had never heard of it.

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