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ⓜ Pluto and the priesthood of science — 2 Comments

  1. I personally think the IAU did not go far enough. The very concept of “planet” is fairly useless, and ought to be scrapped altogether. As a class the 8 planets of our solar system have little in common, other than they are round(ish) and all orbit the sun. But the differences between the 4 rocky inner planets and the 4 gaseous outer ones are greater than any similarities they might have. Same thing goes for the KBOs.

    The IAU could have simply reclassified the objects in our solar system as belonging to one of 5 groupings, Inner Solid Bodies, Outer Gaseous Bodies, KBOs, Comets, and Asteroids, (There would be some fuzzy boundaries between the last 2 groupings.)

    And that would have (maybe) satisfied everybody.

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