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ⓜ Diary for February 25, 2019 — 2 Comments

  1. Fr. Stanley Jaki wrote a booklet on “Bruno: A Martyr of Science?” or something like that. As I recall, he argued, that Bruno was more magician than scientist. He also wrote an Intro to a translation of Bruno’s “Ash Wednesday Supper,” in which relied heavily on Frances Yates’s 1964 biography of Bruno to drive home the point that Bruno was burned – not for his acceptance of Copernicanism – but for his devotion to the “dark arts.” Not sure the reason mattered that much to old Giordano, but . . .

    • Bruno is not my area of expertise, but I have read works from that time as part of my research, and my experience is along the same line as Br. Guy’s: I have not encountered a lot of talk about Bruno. Where I have encountered talk, such as in work by Kepler, it is about how Bruno is just wrong (and remember that Kepler was a Copernican). And what I definitely have not encountered is anyone thinking that certain ideas were “too scandalous to mention” — and my work has focused on those opposed to Copernicus (just the ones who supposedly would be scandalized). I make no absolute claims here, and reading up on Bruno is on my “to-do” list — I am just sharing my experience.

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