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ⓜ Diary for February 11, 2019 — 1 Comment

  1. Br Guy, Ultima Thule will surely be addressed 15-16 Feb. Alan Stern addresses the latest in
    arXiv:1901.02578 [pdf] astro-ph.EP
    Overview of initial results from the reconnaissance flyby of a Kuiper Belt planetesimal: 2014 MU69.
    The 15.9 hour rotation is most interesting having the characteristic of the quantum mechanical rigid rotor suggesting other harmonics n/15.9. Dimensionality suggests these Kuiper Belt objects as thermometers in that their spins measure the space temperature T=(h/15.9)/k ~1×10^-16 K. At this extremely cold temperature(quantum mechanically distinct from the CMBR at 2.7K), Ultima Thule and other KP objects may be Bose Einstein Condensates with origin in interstellar-intergalactic space. Those unusually bright Ultima Thule spots may indicate such a BEC mostly covered by a normal matter skin. Richard

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