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The Vatican Observatory Foundation works to ensure the Church's presence in the world of science.  By supporting the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope and educational initiatives, friends and benefactors participate in one of the most interesting ventures you can imagine: front-line astronomical research and the excitement of searching for the religious implications of this research.

Our Telescope – The VATT is the Pope’s telescope but the responsibility of the Vatican Observatory Foundation.

The Observatory – After a centuries long tradition today’s VO scientists have expertise in many areas of astronomy and collaborate internationally on a variety of projects.

Faith and Science – The VO Staff names are all followed by S.J. and Ph.D. making them uniquely qualified to further the discussion of the intersection of faith and science.

Education – From university classrooms to local parish groups the VOF supports the Jesuit educational tradition and mission.

Books and Media – See videos, download books, see the current calendar and information on books.