The Great KENTUCKY Eclipse of August 21, 2017: Will the Weather Hold?

For the past week you have been seeing lots of posts about tomorrow’s eclipse and about Hopkinsville, Kentucky, the town at the point of greatest eclipse (or, to be precise, near that point):

Br. Guy is indeed in Hopkinsville!

Br. Guy is indeed in Hopkinsville!

Hopkinsville is also the place that Vatican Observatory Director Br. Guy Consolmagno is visiting for the eclipse. Of course, not everyone can make it to south-western Kentucky to see this eclipse. If you are unable to make it into the path of totality, you might be able to see totality “virtually”, because Hopkinsville has a live camera mounted up high to give a continuous view of the area. Check it out below:

Of course, there will not be much to see of this eclipse if the weather is not good. As can be seen from the Monday-Saturday posts, the forecast for the eclipse has gone this way and that. And what does the forecast look like now, less than 24 hours out from the eclipse?  That depends on the source.

The Weather Channel forecast does not inspire confidence.  Here is their general forecast for tomorrow:

Here is their hour-by-hour forecast for tomorrow:

But the National Weather Service's "Point Forecast" for the area is a little more encouraging:

And the Hopkinsville "Clear Sky Clock" (the CSC of Atilla Danko being well-known in astronomy circles) is saying all is well!

And the Canadian Meteorological Center, upon which the CSC is based, is painting a beautiful picture of the sky around Hopkinsville come totality.

Forecasts, shmorecasts. Tomorrow, "The Good Lord willin' an' the creek don't rise", we will see the eclipse in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.


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