In the Sky This Week – August 1, 2017

Venus is still high in the eastern morning sky; the constellation Orion appears a bit higher each morning. The southern sky is filled with objects this week: the waxing gibbous Moon accompanies Jupiter and Saturn for several days. The Moon will appear very close to Saturn on the evening on August 2nd. The constellation Cetus appears in the predawn sky to the southeast. Cetus is depicted as a sea monster in Greek mythology, but is often referred to as “the whale” today. I know several astronomers who had a copy of H.A. Rey’s “The Stars: A New Way to See Them” when they were young – I still have my copy! I was overjoyed to see that Stellarium has a starlore set depicting constellations as drawn by H.A. Rey in his book. The constellation Cetus in Stellarium as drawn by H.A. Rey in his book “The Stars: A New Way to See Them.” The sky overhead – Aug 1, 2017 … Continue reading