Southern Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower 2017

Southern Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower Radiant

Southern Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower Radiant. Credit: Stellarium / Bob Trembley

The Southern Delta Aquariids is a strong shower best seen from the southern tropics. North of the equator, the radiant is located low in the southern sky - rates will be less than if seen from further south. This shower produces good rates for about a week centered on the night of maximum. These meteors are usually faint and lack persistent trains; few fireballs can be expected.

Waxing Crescent Moon

Waxing Crescent Moon. Credit: Stellarium.

Peak: July 29-30
Active from: July 21st to August 23rd
Radiant: 22:40 -16.4° (see image above)
Hourly Rate: 16
Velocity: 26 miles/sec (medium - 42km/sec)
Parent Object: P/2008 Y12

The moon will be a waxing crescent, rising shortly after midnight.
Source: American Meteor Society

Meteor. Credit: Creative Commons, CC BY 3.0

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