New Cassini Module in NASA Eyes App

Cassini at Saturn

Cassini at Saturn. Credit: NASA Eyes on the Solar System / Bob Trembley

The new Cassini Mission module is live in the NASA Eyes on the Solar System app! The module is JAM-PACKED with features, including a cinematic simulation the entire 20-year mission, images of Saturn, its rings and moons, an interactive timeline - where you can follow the spacecraft throughout its mission, and simulations of several Cassini Grand Finale events.

2017 Eclipse Detroit

Eclipse 2017 Module. Credit: NASA Eyes on the Solar System / Bob Trembley

NASA Eyes is a free app for the PC/MAC and a GREAT educational tool. With NASA Eyes, you can go to any planet in our solar system, many moons, asteroids, and comets. You can zoom to several different active space missions, and simulate what they are doing in real-time, or fast-forward or backward to any point in their mission; several missions have built-in tours - like Cassini. There's a module about the 2017 eclipse, and the Eyes on the Earth module has several different visualizations of climate data. The Eyes on Exoplanets module lets you zoom to hundreds of different exoplanet systems, see what they look like, and how they compare to the solar system.

Eyes on Exoplanets Hot Jupiter

Eyes on Exoplanets Hot Jupiter. Credit: NASA Eyes on the Solar System / Bob Trembley

NASA Eyes is a wonderful resource for generating images and videos for articles and presentations; it's great fun to play with, but be warned: it seems to somehow warp the flow of time around the observer - you can get so involved playing with the app, you won't realize where the time went! I wrote about NASA Eyes in a previous article here.

More info on the NASA Eyes Cassini module, and download:

I maintain the unofficial Facebook page for NASA Eyes, and there is an official twitter feed.

Screenshots from the NASA Eyes Cassini module:

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