Educational Outreach

Twenty-three students representing 19 countries and the faculty of the 2016 Vatican Observatory Summer School meet and greet Pope Francis while studying Water in the Universe.

Guardians Program

Our most generous supporters, the Guardians of the Vatican Observatory, and their contributions are essential to our work and extremely appreciated.

Watch To Learn More

Why is there a Vatican Observatory? When did it start? What is the Vatican Observatory Foundation? Learn how to partner with us to help answer some basic human questions. Like: Why are we here? Where did we come from? Are there others out there?

Hear about the observatory, the telescope and our projects directly from those involved.  Understand who we are, what we do and why we exist.


Licensing Agreement Notice
In the past there have been products, including religious articles and art, that have been marketed with the name and logo of the Vatican Observatory Foundation. These were produced under license from the Foundation for the purposes of fundraising. That license has now expired. We have no further plans to license our name or logo and expect existing items to be liquidated shortly.

Note further that the Foundation did not authorize or license any specific artwork or other product, it simply approved the agreement that enabled a sublicensee to affix the Foundation logo to their products

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